Mystics Bodyworks is for everyone who wants to get into their peak physical condition and have fun doing it!

Mystic Bodyworks is a personalized movement therapy and sports performance studio founded by internationally trained, certified and licensed body therapist Rodolfo Mari.

With Mystic Bodyworks you will achieve:
• pain-free movement
• muscular development
• bodyfat reduction
• high performance
• cognitive enhancement

By appointment only. 

Rodolfo Mari
Owner, Master Trainer

Rodolfo Mari has a unique and insightful way of seeing into the human body that has allowed him to help hundreds of people. From elite athletes to wounded weekend warriors, seniors and children, Rodolfo has helped all kinds of people improve fitness, increase performance, rehab injuries and reach new levels of optimal well being. Rodolfo is a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, registered Yoga teacher, master Pilates trainer and an advanced certified Craniosacral Therapist.

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