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Entering The Splits: A Yoga Workshop

yoga splits

Why should the average person practice the splits? The practice of doing splits in the way I will teach in this workshop is a progression that not only ultimately gets one comfortable in doing splits but it also frees the entire lower back, hip flexors, hamstrings, hip rotators and sacrum in the process. So, the process of entering the splits is actually a progression of releasing many body parts that culminates in being able to do splits easily. Anyone can enter the process and benefit from it. Read more »

Cyclists’ Winter Blues Pedal2Core Mat Class


Cyclists’ Winter Blues Pedal To Core Mat Class
Cycling-Specific Core Training for Off-Season Results!
All three sessions include Core Synthesis for Cyclists.
February 16th: Feet to Core, connect feet to core for better Pedal Power.
February 23rd: Got Glutes? Harness the strength of the 6 amigos by connecting leg, glutes and core.
March 2nd: Relax at the Lumbar. Find the resilience in your low back for long lasting endurance.

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Intermediate Hatha Yoga

hatha yoga

Intermediate Hatha Yoga, Monday mornings 7:30am-8:45am at Mystic Bodyworks
Rodolfo’s Intermediate Hatha Yoga Class takes the serious out of Serious Hip Opening Yoga and Spine Release. This class is about being well and taking the practice wherever you go. We will build intuitive sequences to find and expand openings in the body and release tension. Read more »

Xmas Hip Opening Yoga Workshop

Hip Openers

Saturday December 21, 4-6pm
2 hour intermediate Hip Opening Yoga Class with Live Didgeridoo and Native American Flute Savasana. Read more »

RelationShipStretch, a Workshop for Couples

RelationShipStretch Workshop

This Saturday December 14th, 4-6pm
The RelationshipStretch workshop is for couples only and will give couples specific tools so each partner can give and receive bodywork from each other for stress reduction, improved well-being and for adding a whole new level of connection to their relationship. Read more »