The Sphinx Yoga Series

The Sphinx Yoga Series


The Sphinx Pose (salamba bhujangasana) is an essential element and foundational building block for many other things. The Sphinx can be done at any time but starting in the childs pose to pre-lengthen the lumbar is good idea.

Sphinx can be a practice in and of itself. While in the Sphinx release the lumbar (lower back) and feel a lengthening in the front hips and abdomen. The Sphinx is normally seen with the palms facing down but try the variation of palms up to open the shoulder sockets and better connect the four forearm bones to the ground. Do try and let the arm bones and relaxed shoulder blades support you so that the shoulder sockets can relax and the whole spine can hang and release.

This Sphinx Series video goes through a progression that can be modified to suit your level. The main idea is to relax the muscles and feel the support from the bones. Please let us know how it goes for you, enjoy!

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