The Best Fitness Opportunities Happen Close To Home

The Best Fitness Opportunities Happen Close To Home


The same way they say that most accidents happen close to home, in a more positive sense- the best fitness opportunities also happen close to home, or right where you are now.

I like to take photos in nature because it reminds me of the nature that we all have inside, the natural wonder that we are. Most of the photos that I take, like this fox , are close to home. The incredible things that we can see in our own back yard is simply amazing.

How best can we find those opportunities for fitness that are right near by? The best way is to ALWAYS BE LOOKING. Instead of planning one block of time to dedicate to our health,wellness and fitness it is possible to stay connected to our fitness at every moment.

This fox was napping under a building and got startled by a loud noise. She ran out to the middle of the field and it was so sunny that she decided to take the opportunity to lie around and enjoy the flowers, breeze and sunshine.

Here are 5 ways to Find Fitness at Any Moment:

1) Alignment: Being aware of how we carry our body is the single best way to stay connected to our body. There are many disciplines that teach us how to carry our body in relation to the state of our current posture and how it interacts with gravity. Some of these disciplines are: yoga, pilates, massage therapy, Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, Argentine Tango and many others. The other best way to expand the awareness of how we carry our own body is to simply observe ourselves. Observe yourself and unite the body, mind and environment; like a fox in the sun, lying on the grass listening to the crows and smelling the flowers.

Alignment is the awareness of how we move (or not move) in space in relation to gravity, the ground and the activity we are undertaking. Watch how you sit, stand and move.

2) Breathing. Yes! You are breathing and that’s great. Make your automatic, every-day breathing into a meditation exercise at any moment by becoming aware of your breathing. Watch how the breath enters the body and watch how the breath leaves your body. Breathing happens without us thinking about it, when we are aware of the breath our mind gets focused.

3) Walking. Walking is almost as elusively obvious as breathing, we do it without thinking. When we become aware, even for just a few minutes, of every nuance of how we walk the simple act of walking becomes a whole new thing. Can you take a moment to be aware of when you are on one leg in the act of walking, balancing, as the free leg swings forward and lands? Can you walk with no extra tension in the neck, shoulders, spine and hips? The more we can relax the feet, ankles, shins, hips and low back while walking the more the core muscles will come into play without even trying. When the body is in optimal balance it takes very little effort for the anti-gravity muscles to hold us up. Can you sense what muscles are holding you up while walking and what extra muscles are tensing for no particular reason? Walking from here to there, even a very short distance, can be a moment that builds awareness and connects mind to body.

4) Rotate. The present moment is always with us, it’s impossible to forget at home when we run off to work. We forget we have the present moment sometimes because the mind may be rummaging in the past or thinking about the future. Retrieving our mind and placing it in the present is an act of fitness, in and of itself, that can take place at any moment.

The human spine has 26 bones. In order to realize the full potential of the present moment and the entire mobility of the spine one must turn, turn, turn, to see all sides. The road ahead may be straight and most things happen in a linear fashion but to actualize the full resiliency of the spine and experience the best fitness opportunity at any moment rotate (turn) on the spot. While sitting one can rotate, in both directions, and notice the different segments of the spine, lower back, middle back, and neck. Also try rotating your spine while standing and while lying on the ground. Twist, turn, rotate and feel the hips, spine and neck mobilizing, bringing needed fluids and freedom into the joints and deep muscles.

5) Be amazed! No matter what kind of shape or fitness level you are in your body is chuck full of potential. If you are not amazed by what your body can do then now is a good time to start being amazed. Having a sense of amazement will make you fitter, just like that! This may sound ludicrous but expanding your senses dramatically improves your fitness and one can become aware and practice sensing at any moment of the day. When we practice being amazed at what we sense on a regular basis every little thing our body does becomes amazing and all of our senses get amplified. When our senses get fitter and we notice smaller details of our being, every little thing becomes an act of fitness and the little things build up, over time, to become a mountain of wellness.

The best fitness opporunities can happen right here, right now, close to home. This was a short list of things to be aware of and notice while going about your daily activities. The point here is that being aware of how we sit, stand and walk is an exercise that can give serious results over time. We can talk about other exercises in the future that take only 3 minutes that one can do throughout the day but awareness building that we spoke about here is key because it can happen while you work, play or move from point A to point B.

Stay well! ~RM


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